SAQA Seminar

The SAQA Education Committee has developed an exciting new project called SAQA Seminar, a multi-media collection of content on a specific theme designed to inform, inspire and connect SAQA members.

The theme for SAQA Seminar 2016 is STITCHING and will run from September through December. During this time, new content will be released regularly in the form of articles, video conversations, challenges, tutorials, artist profiles, resource list, and much more! There will also be regular opportunities to connect with other members.

We’ve divided SAQA Seminar into five units. The content is specifically developed to offer something for all SAQA members whether they are new art quilters or experienced professionals.

You must be current SAQA member to participate in SAQA Seminar! You will need to create a SAQA Community account before viewing the SAQA Seminar content.


Unit 1: Materials, Tools, and Techniques

Nitty-gritty articles about needles, threads and other basics. Curated Pinterest boards with stitch motifs, tools and links to tutorials. Join in forum discussions as we kick off the SAQA Seminar.


Unit 2: Advanced Study

Galleries of art where the stitched line is the focus. Discussions about how artists make stitch relevant in art. Video conversations with SAQA members who take stitching to the next level!

Unit 3: History and Culture

Excellent list of books related to the history of stitch. Articles about how SAQA members are influenced by travel, history, culture and study. Pinterest boards with inspiring images of stitch from Mexico, Tibet, Greece and more.

Unit 4: Art and Artists

Articles about innovative ways artists are incorporating stitch in their work. Learn news ways technology is used with stitching and fiber. Links to examples of stitching in popular culture — album covers, YouTube videos, picture books and more.

Unit 5: Wrap Up

Share your work from the unit challenges. Check back to items you may have missed. Continue discussions in the forums. Take ideas to your regional meetings. Help develop ideas for SAQA Seminar 2017.

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