SAQA Seminar Challenge – Stitching through the Seasons!

Introduction to the Challenges:

We are excited about our first SAQA Seminar!  To help members engage with the topics that will be presented, we’re offering some small optional challenges in a 5” x 7” size.  One challenge is planned for each of the five units of this Seminar. Each challenge exercise will incorporate something different learned from that unit’s topic, yet the pieces will all relate to each other as well.

The overall theme of these challenges is “Stitching Through the Seasons.”  You can choose to do any or all of the challenges offered.  If you do one per unit, when you are finished with the Seminar, you will have a series of 4-5 pieces, all the same size.

As each unit progresses, we look forward to seeing what others are working on as we post photos of our 5” x 7” pieces in progress.  This will be a positive forum to encourage one another, to ask questions, and to stimulate one another’s creativity. We’ll have the opportunity to share our little challenge pieces with other participants via a special topic in the SAQA Seminar Discussion Group.

The challenges are designed to be optional, open-ended, and fun.  If you don’t like what’s suggested, feel free to devise your own and share it with the group.  All projects related to this Seminar are welcome!

Unit 1 Challenge

Season: Fall

fall-imageUnit 1 will introduce us to many types of thread.  For our first challenge, please use at least three different types of thread in a 5” x 7” piece.  This is a good opportunity to try out something new you heard about or saw in this unit.  Your piece can be as abstract or realistic as you wish.  Or maybe you prefer to do a portrait or a landscape.  Anything is acceptable, as long as you use stitching and the subject matter relates to Fall (Autumn) in some way.

Unit 2 Challenge

Season: Winter

Winter2Unit 2 will explore more advanced stitching issues.  For this challenge, please try out a different approach to stitching than you have used before, or combine techniques in a new way.  Have you always wanted to try using stitching as line, or maybe thread painting, or sculptural stitching?  Now’s the time to play in a small, manageable 5” x 7” size.  Again, choose what interests you from this unit, and make something that relates to Winter as we stitch through the seasons!

Unit 3 Challenge

Season: Spring

Unit 3 will enrich us with some of the history and culture of stitching.  What an amazing thought that our love of stitching links us together with people from so many different times and places!  Here’s your chance to incorporate something from a different culture into your own work.  Enjoy making a 5” x 7” piece depicting some aspect of Spring in your stitched piece.

Unit 4 Challenge

Season: Summer

Unit 4 is about art and artists.  Whose work do you admire?  Which artists inspire you as you create?

This unit’s challenge is to create a 5” x 7” piece which shows the influence of at least one other artist on your own work.  We’re stitching through the seasons, so your piece should relate to Summer in some way.  Enjoy!

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